Wireless Expense Management

Wireless devices such as mobile phones, PDA’s and laptop air cards can be great enhancers of employee productivity. Allowing employees to use their own devices and employee liable services is often not a best practices approach due to data security risks, higher unit cost of service, and impacts to employee satisfaction. Unfortunately, managing a portfolio of company liable mobile devices and associated expenses is a uniquely complex and high profile challenge that is fraught with pitfalls.

If you are paying for more than 500 mobile devices every month, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Exactly how many mobile devices do I really have out there?
  • Am I paying wireless expenses every month for devices that are sitting unused in a supply cabinet or vehicle’s glove compartment?
  • Am I paying the cell phone expenses of persons who no longer work at the company?
  • How many employees are submitting personal cell phone bills on expense reports? Is it true that the unit cost of a personal plan is three times higher than the typical corporate plan?
  • What plans and features would provide me with the lowest unit cost and help me avoid overage charges and under utilization?
  • Which users have ordered features like unlimited texting, internet access, music downloads and games?
  • How can I accurately allocate wireless expenses associated with corporate pool plans to different cost centers?
  • Is wireless purchased only at contracted rates according to a rational policy and approval process or according to a “free for all.”
  • What will I do when a senior executive asks me any of these questions?

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