Company History:

Illinois Bell Management Training Program, circa 1987

ProfitLink was founded in 2003 by a group of telecom industry veterans. The company remains 100% owned by its founding shareholders. ProfitLink has helped more than 350 satisfied clients in all 50 US states reduce and control their telecom expenses. We have delivered a net profit to our owners every year since 2003. ProfitLink has never had any long-term debt.

In 2015 we are on track to set new records for customer growth, revenues and net profits.


The greatest source of value ProfitLink offers our Clients is a long term working relationship with the US-based telecom industry veterans and employee-owners who make up our Client service teams. Our Client teams are comprised of the most experienced, friendliest, most highly credentialed, most responsive and helpful people you can choose to work with. We back up this claim with our better than 98% Client retention rate and impeccable references from household name Clients.


ProfitLink will be the leading provider of Telecom Expense Management solutions to mid market Clients in the United States of America. We will accomplish this by partnering with our Clients’ employees to help them do their jobs better. The economic results we deliver to Clients, our working relationships with Clients, our business processes, our technology, our profitability and the job satisfaction of our team members will all be recognized as the standards by which our competitors are measured.

Mission Statement:

To help organizations manage their telecom services inventory and expenses with the highest degree of efficiency and precision possible over the long term.

Core Values:

  • Excellence in all aspects of the company.
  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Thought leadership.
  • Technology-based innovation.
  • Profit from hard work that benefits our customers and stakeholders.