Telecom Expense Management Overview

ProfitLink’s Telecom Expense Management Solutions have saved many household name Clients millions of dollars. Our solutions are powered by patented technology (US Patent 7,340,422) that streamlines and optimizes the way Clients manage telecom services throughout the entire telecom service lifecycle; from sourcing, ordering, invoice auditing, dispute management, invoice allocation and invoice payment to service disconnect, contract management, reporting and analytics.

ProfitLink is focused on the needs of the mid market and offers a flexible service delivery model.

We offer our solutions in a flexible delivery model to fit each Client’s unique needs, from Software as a Service (or Cloud Computing) for Clients who wish to improve an existing and effective business process, to Managed Services for Clients who do not currently have a robust internal capability and for whom it makes better economic sense to “buy” a proven and effective process rather than “build” one themselves by trial and error.

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