Quickly Secure and Manage Mobile Devices in the Enterprise

IT organizations need visibility into and control over the mobile devices that are accessing company IT assets, whether the devices are employee-owned or provided by the enterprise. ProfitLink’s Mobile Device Management Solution provides a comprehensive set of capabilities so you can quickly and easily configure devices for enterprise access and ensure that the corporate information and systems are secure.

ProfitLink Mobile Device Management is a 100% cloud based, true multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service. The advantages of going with MDM in the cloud are quick deployment, flexibility and scalability, automatic upgrades to support multiple and rapidly evolving mobile operating systems and lower total cost of ownership. ProfitLink MDM can even achieve complete integration with your existing messaging infrastructure without installing an appliance in your data center!

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In many organizations employees can connect multiple personally owned smartphones and tablets to enterprise e-mail without the knowledge and approval of IT. ProfitLink MDM helps you see all these potential points of data leakage and  allows you to institute a quarantine process around e-mail that ensures only approved users and devices have access to enterprise information.


Streamline configuration of enrolled mobile devices with default policies for most major devices. Enroll users over the air and push email, WiFi and VPN settings to enrolled devices over the air. Your organization will save time and you will enable scalable processes. Learn more…


Integrate with all major email, calendar and contacts platforms including Exchange, Lotus Notes/Traveler, and Microsoft’s upcoming Office 365, plus Active Directory and any required Certificate Authorities – all without installing an appliance in your data center! Robust APIs ease and simplify the integration process. Learn more…


Discover the power of using a single management console for all mobile device management with centralized policy and control across multiple platforms. Learn more…


Put in place dynamic, end-to-end security and compliance management capabilities for all your devices. Enforcing strong passcode policies, encryption, blacklisting apps and being able to remotely wipe devices will  protect your information and network assets.  Learn more…

Proven and Trusted

ProfitLink is not a startup. We’ve delivered eight consecutive record years of net profits, revenues and customer growth to our owners. Like our company, ProfitLink’s MDM offering is secure, tested and has stood the test of time. Our MDM solution has been operational since 2003 and is used to manage more than a million mobile devices. During this time, ProfitLink’s MDM solution has delivered 99.99% reliability to users.

Network World recently selected ProfitLink’s MDM solution as the best available on the market “…based on its strong overall performance, particularly its ease of use.”

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