Contract Negotiation Advisory Service

In the recent past it was easier to achieve large cost reductions when negotiating telecom contracts. During this time, new entrants to the telecom markets and incumbents were competing for market share and as a result, market rates for services were dropping quickly. The telecom industry has been consolidated again, market rates are stable and today negotiating to realize expense reductions is more difficult.

Information Collection and Analytical Support.

“Knowledge is power.” This truism applies nowhere better than to telecom contract negotiations. To negotiate an optimal outcome, you’ll need to understand in detail what services you have and the total cost of ownership of each service so you can decide what and how much you need to buy and evaluate carrier offers.

Collecting and compiling service information to build a detailed inventory of your services and corresponding rates is often a highly complex and time consuming undertaking. That’s why many busy IT and telecom professionals choose to hire ProfitLink to do the legwork for them. The incremental savings our customers realize by completing negotiations and implementing new lower rates more quickly makes partnering with ProfitLink an attractive investment.

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When is the Right Time to Negotiate?

For existing services, begin preparing 8-12 months before your contract term ends so you do not negotiate with your back against the wall. You may wish to begin ever earlier, as significant price and term concessions can be achieved during a contract’s term, depending on your situation.

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Benchmarking Rates and Terms.

A carrier is proposing services with unit rates that look attractive, but when you add in the surcharges and fees that are not part of their proposal, what is the total cost of the service?

How do the proposed total cost of the service and proposed contract terms compare with the best offer your carrier has made to a customer of you size?

ProfitLink’s flow of Client engagements and relationships with major carriers ensure that we stay current with the best and most current carrier offerings. Our staff has operational and sourcing experience in many of the major technologies and services available.